Ikram’s Testimony

My name is Ikram, recently relocated from NY living in Durham – previously having worked at Burt’s Bees, and currently working in a Law Firm.  I represent the Muslim American Public Affairs Council also known as MAPAC, and perform various voluntary ground works in association with other Interfaith organizations.  MAPAC is an organization founded in 2002 representing American Muslims and to promote their interests and values at all levels of government while continuing to work with other faiths and groups on common issues.

In my greatest admairation on how companies like Burt’s Bees champion the cause of Earth Day and enjoins harmony between Corporate ETHICS and Nature, it is very painful to hear of Durham County’s association with company like G4S.  I come in front of you members of County Commissioners to read out a statement from MAPAC – a letter that is attached and placed in front of you.

Dear County Commissioners,

The Muslim American Public Affairs Council (MAPAC) Board of Trustees at its June 1st, 2014 meeting;;;; voted overwhelmingly in favor of endorsing the Jewish Voice for Peace opposition to renewing the County contract with G4S Secure Solutions.   Muslims share the same core values as the other Abrahamic Faiths, Judaism and Christianity, which are offended by the actions of G4S.   We are pleased to join with our Jewish brothers and sisters in urging a local action that could help in moving a miscreant corporation toward global reform.   G4S through its contractS in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East has demonstrated a willingness to violate human rights for PROFIT.  Since profit, untempered by morality, is clearly the prime motive for G4S, we urge the County Commissioners to send a strong message to that Company in the only language IT’S management apparently understands;; by terminating financial relations with G4S.   Durham County taxpayer monies should not be directed to such an organization.

Thank you very much,,, and God Bless you all.



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