Testimony from Noah

Hello. My name is Noah. I am here as a concerned Durham resident and a member of Jewish Voice for Peace North Carolina. We are here to ask you to vote not to renew our county’s contract with G4S Secure Solutions.

First I want to tell you a little about Jewish Voice for Peace – JVP. JVP is a grassroots, national organization of Jews and others working for justice in Palestine & Israel. JVP has 40 chapters around the US, and 140,000 online members. Our North Carolina chapter – which we started last year – has about 60 members. About half of our members live in Durham County.

We are here today, you can see us with our t-shirt signs, to present you with a letter describing the many human rights abuses perpetrated by G4S, around the world. The letter is co-signed by 8 local peace and justice organizations. We understand that you may not be aware of these human rights abuses, so we are bringing them to your attention because we don’t want our tax dollars going to support this kind of thing, and we believe that Durham County deserves to do better.

G4S has a contract with Durham County that costs more than 1 million of our tax dollars. In the contract, this private security company provides security services at our libraries and other county facilities such as parking lots. We understand that this annual contract is up this month, and we consider it very relevant to the budget process that over a million dollars of our county tax dollars goes to this violator of basic human rights and dignity.

Other speakers will be sharing with you more details about the role that G4S has around the world.

For my part – I love Durham deeply – it is my home, and I do not want my tax money going to a private security company that abuses human rights. I want to feel proud that this County stands with so many people, especially victims and survivors of torture, displacement, and occupation around the world and especially in occupied Palestine. I want us together to say NO to G4S.

Please, Durham County Commissioners, drop the contract with G4S.



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