Call your County Commissioners!

Want to take action? You can CALL or EMAIL the Durham County Commissioners! Please be polite and thank them for their support! 


Make sure to say:

  • As a Durham County resident, I don’t want my county to help fund human rights abuses in Israel/Palestine. Please drop the G4S contract!

Optional information to add:

  • G4S perpetrates human rights abuses throughout the world, notably in Israel and occupied Palestine. This includes torture in prisons, providing equipment to checkpoints that limit Palestinians’ freedom of movement, and providing inadequate housing to immigrants.
  • Durham County spends almost $1 million of taxpayer money each year supporting G4S.
  • I would rather see that money go to …….
    [you fill in here!]
  • In 1986, Durham City Council divested from companies doing business with the apartheid governments of South Africa and Namibia. Durham County should take the same stand against the apartheid situation in Israel/Palestine.
  • Guards at our county facilities should not be able to arrest people—such policing hurts our community.
  • If Durham County does choose another security contract, these security workers should be rehired.


Michael D. Page, Chairman

(919) 949-4022


Fred Foster, Jr., Commissioner

(919) 479-8305


Wendy Jacobs, Commissioner

(919) 401-3538


Brenda A. Howerton, Commissioner

(919) 544-4160


Ellen W. Reckhow, Commissioner

(919) 383-3883


Wendell Davis, County Manager

(919) 560-0000


Motiryo Keambiroiro, Director of General Services

(919) 560-0430


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