County to reconsider G4S on November 24th

We have received word from the County Commissioners that they will be hearing a report on G4S on Monday, November 24th. We are not sure of the time of the meeting yet.

Since June, we’ve been asking the county commissioners to drop their contract with G4S–and they’ve already responded by changing it to a month-to-month contract. Now we need to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD so they stop giving our taxpayer money to a company that profits off imprisonment and torture of Palestinians.

Please call or e-mail the county commissioners TODAY to thank them for their support:

Michael D. Page, Chairman

(919) 949-4022

Fred Foster, Jr., Commissioner
(919) 479-8305

Wendy Jacobs, Commissioner
(919) 401-3538

Brenda A. Howerton, Commissioner
(919) 544-4160

Ellen W. Reckhow, Commissioner
(919) 383-3883


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