Letter to County Commission

Dear Durham County Commissioners,

We are writing today to express grave concern about Durham County’s contract with G4S Secure Solutions. This security company has perpetrated human rights abuses and has provided equipment and services to governments that abuse human rights throughout the world. Currently, Durham County is spending over $1 million dollars of our taxpayer money each year to G4S Secure Solutions to provide security at county parking lots and at libraries.

G4S is responsible for and complicit in violations of human rights around the world, including:

Thus, by association, Durham County is unintentionally helping to fund human rights abuses around the world through its contract with G4S. As Durham County residents, we are concerned that our tax dollars are used to support a company that imprisons, tortures, and violates human rights. Yet, Durham County has an incredible opportunity to make a clear statement against companies that violate human rights by dissociating with G4S. In doing so, we would join numerous companies and institutions around the world, including the Gates Foundation, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), two major universities in Norway, and the European Union Parliament. As our elected County Commissioners, you have the power to make this situation right. We are writing to ask you not to renew Durham County’s contract with G4S.



Jewish Voice for Peace-North Carolina

Jews for a Just Peace-North Carolina

Salaam-Shalom Committee of the Church of Reconciliation

AIME (Abrahamic Initiative on the Middle East)

MAPAC (Muslim American Public Affairs Council)


Eisenhower Chapter of Veterans for Peace

NC Peace Action

Witness Against Torture


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