Durham County: Why Drop G4S?
Download a one-page fact sheet from the Drop G4S campaign.

Who Profits? The Case of G4S
A report by extensively documenting G4S’s role in Israel and occupied Palestine, including services provided and complicity in human rights violations in prisons, check points, and settlements (Source: 2011).

I can’t give you information about your health, it’s a security matter
Documents violations of human rights to Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, in which G4S provides security equipment and maintenance services. G4S is complicit in violations including insufficient access to health care or family visits, torture, and humiliation (Source: Corporate Watch 2014).

G4S must end its complicity in Israel’s abuse of child prisoners
Desmond Tutu tells G4S to stop supplying to Israel prisons
Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls on G4S to end its work in Israel and occupied Palestine, especially its complicity in imprisonment of children and of adults held indefinitely without charge—this information includes the open letter from Archbishop Tutu and others (including Alice Walker, Angela Davis, and Noam Chomsky), and an article about the letter and associated protests of G4S (Source for both: The Guardian 2014).

UN independent expert calls for boycott of businesses profiting from Israeli settlements
A UN news brief about an independent expert (Dr. Richard Falk) who called for a widespread boycott of G4S and other companies for their involvement in the Israeli occupation (source: 2012)

G4S: Serial human rights abuser
A thorough report by about several human rights violations by G4S, including horrible mismanagement and poor conditions in Oakwood, a private prison run by G4S in the UK, fatal restraint of asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga, appalling housing conditions to asylum seekers, and other controversies. Multiple sources are cited at the end, with links provided to source articles (2014).

Tax avoidance, strike breaking and human rights abuse
A report from Unite, the largest trade union in Britain, summarizing some of the scandals surrounding G4S and some of its subsidiaries in Israel/Palestine and in the UK, describing large numbers of complaints (and assault allegations) brought against G4S (2014).

‘Shocking’ abuse claims at South Africa’s Mangaung prison
A thorough report of torture of inmates (electric shock treatment and forced injections) in Mangaung Prison, a G4S-run prison in South Africa (source: BBC 2013)

Jimmy Mubenga death: three men arrested
Deportation death: ‘Jimmy Mubenga was a good man’
G4S security firm was warned of lethal risk to refused asylum seekers
G4S faces damages claim over killing of Jimmy Mubenga
All of these articles relate different aspects of the fatal restraint of refused asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga, who was killed by G4S guards on his deportation trip home. G4S faced charges for this offence, and company employees may have been trained in incorrect restraint techniques (source of all of these: The Guardian 2010; 2010; 2011; 2013).

G4S guard fatally restrains 15 year old – gets promoted
This article details the fatal restraint of 15-year-old Gareth Myatt by G4S guards, one of whom was promoted soon thereafter (source: 2013).

Duty of Care: beyond the case of Mr. Ward, cooked to death by gigantic outsourcer G4S
This article details the death of aborigine (and prisoner) Mr. Ward in Australia, who was baked to death in a van with faulty air conditioning while under the care of G4S (source: 2011).

G4S used force on pregnant woman at Cedars centre
Cedars pre-departure accommodation – an exceptional facility
These articles document G4S guards using force on a pregnant woman in a wheel chair at a deportation facility in the UK, and additional complaints and unprofessional behavior reported from an inspection of the facility (sources: BBC 2012; the UK Department of Justice 2013).

It’s official. G4S and Serco asylum housing: “unacceptably poor”
This article documents in great detail the appalling conditions of housing provided by G4S to asylum seekers in the UK (source: 2014). See especially “Petition to the Council meeting of Sheffield City Council” on p. 223, asking the city council not to accept a contract with G4S.

Protesters expose G4S Wackenhut profiteering from migrants misery
This article documents G4S subsidiary Wackenhut’s involvement in tearing immigrant families apart in Arizona (source: 2011).

Unions say Group 4 is unfair to workers
US State Department Report on Indonesia
This article documents widespread cuts to employee benefits and violations of worker rights in many countries, including South Africa, Kenya, and Indonesia (sources: BBC 2005 and US State Department 2005).

Guard allegedly found asleep at Oak Ridge nuke facility
Another G4S nightmare: 82-year-old nun beats guards to break into nuclear facility
Illinois: Security at Nuclear Plants
These articles detail G4S guards sleeping on the job while guarding nuclear facilities in Tennessee and Pennsylvania (sources: The Knoxville News Sentinel 2012; The Independent (UK) 2012; The NY Times 2007).

Union reports security problems at Army bases
As the AP reports security problems at Homeland Security HQ, US Govt Has Ignored Multiple Problems Involving Troubled Security Contractor Wackenhut

Cheating on Security Tests at Y-12 is Nothing New
Wackenhut Security Charged With Shortchanging Liberty Bell Security Officers
These articles report on cheating (e.g., on anti-terrorism drills and performance tests) and security problems (e.g., lax training; showing new employees where they can take naps) at US army bases, nuclear facilities, and nuclear test sites secured by G4S subsidiary Wackenhut. In addition, Wackenhut allegedly deprived employees of benefits and treated employees poorly (sources: USA Today 2005; 2006; 2012; USNewswire 2014).

G4S probe after tag firms’ multi-million overcharging confirmed
G4S boss ‘sorry’ for tagging overcharging
Serco to pay government back £68.5m over tagging
These articles document different aspects of a scandal involving G4S in the UK, in which it unlawfully charged the government for tagging prisoners who were jailed, abroad, or dead (source: BBC 2013).

BBC says no to occupation profiteer G4S after major campaign
Bill Gates sells shares in G4S
Largest Mainline Protestant Church in U.S. Divests from Company Involved in Israeli Occupation
These articles document divestment of the BBC, the Gates Foundation, and the Methodist Pension Fund from G4S, due to its involvement in the Israeli occupation, among other issues (sources: electronicintifada 2014; The Daily Telegraph (UK) 2014; The Kairos Response 2014)


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